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More than 20 years ago the Bosch family founded a geothermal and water well drilling company in the UK, which rapidly became a pioneering contractor in the industry, renowned for its fast and productive drilling of boreholes.

Giant drill by building
giant drill rig

At the time, there were no drill rigs specifically designed for geothermal drilling, and our drilling business uncovered numerous shortcomings in the available equipment due to the fledgling nature of the industry.

giant orange drill

In the absence of specialized equipment, we partnered with a manufacturer to develop our own geothermal rig, which was initially designed out of necessity for our own drilling needs. The rig gave our family business a substantial competitive advantage for the following 15 years as we expanded our drilling operations.

orange truck

In conjunction with developing the drill rig, we also created equipment for every stage of the ground source geothermal loop installation process. Our equipment included mud recycling systems, PDC drill bits, installation weights, loop reelers, and high-conductivity grout that is easy to pump, all produced to enhance the productivity and profitability of our drilling operation.

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Initially, the Bosch family drilling business kept their rigs, products, and drilling processes to themselves. However, with the increase in awareness of climate change, geothermal drilling has become the most sustainable energy source for "Climate Control" in every sense. This surge in demand presented a rare chance for the family to share their knowledge and manufacture their products for the wider market as demand exceeded supply.

Large red drills

2019 - To meet the industry's growing demands, the GTD Group was established, which formed specialized teams for product development and expanding manufacturing facilities.

Drill machine under bridge
drill rig in desert

GTD Group's operations expanded across Europe, with a continual focus on improving and expanding their range of record-breaking rigs and ecosystem of products that are proven to deliver high productivity.

red machinery indoors

2022 – GTD made a significant leap by introducing its equipment to the US market at the NGWA Las Vegas event, which marked a turning point in the company's expansion strategy. The overwhelming response at the event accelerated GTD's North American expansion program.

drill extractor in desert

In 2023, GTD officially launched in the USA including a strategic partnership with Venture Drilling Supply (VDS), creating a nationwide distribution, sales, support, and servicing network. VDS is also a longstanding family-run business. Together, we are dedicated to providing best-in-industry equipment, support and training through our shared commitment, expertise and values.

worker in orange shirt

Today, we maintain our laser focus on productivity, developing, engineering, testing, and field-proving every product in collaboration with our family drilling business and partners. Our goal is to reduce the cost per foot of boreholes by leveraging the productivity achieved with our highly specialized equipment and supplies, while building the industry together one borehole at a time.

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