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Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer for GTD equipment. As one of the largest and fastest growing geothermal drilling equipment suppliers in the world, GTD is always looking for strong dealer partners in strategic markets.

After you have reviewed the information provided, please get in touch at and a GTD Representative will contact you with additional information about becoming a dealer.

Thank you once again for your interest in GTD.


Successful dealers come in many shapes and sizes and can be located in a variety of markets. Below are a few key characteristics that set apart successful dealers from their less successful counterparts.

  • On-hand inventory with products that fit the needs of the market

  • Professional service/repair center

  • Fully stocked parts & accessories showroom

  • Motivated and knowledgeable sales staff

  • An emphasis on excellent customer service

  • Clean and well kept lot and office area

  • Strong marketing plan with a consistent branding strategy

  • Volume driven, aggressive pricing structure

  • Understanding of local competitive atmosphere


Is there a minimum amount of inventory required to become a dealer for GTD?
Yes, minimum initial inventory amounts are required to become a dealer and may vary depending on the market size and the opportunity near you. After review of your proposed location, a GTD representative will determine the minimum initial inventory investment needed to become a dealer.


How large of a territory/sales area will I have if I become a dealer?
Sales areas are determined on an individual basis and are strongly influenced by a number of factors. Some factors that help determine a sales area include: market size, population density, market demographics, dealer's location and facilities, dealer's product exclusivity and a dealer's regular stocking inventory levels.

How does GTD ship to my location?
GTD has large global distribution networks, GTD can ship to dealers from sea to shining sea. A typical shipment is usually delivered to the dealer on a 53' step-deck semi-trailer.

Do I need any equipment to unload when they are shipped to me?
No, the rigs unload themselves. However, dealers use a variety of methods to unload spares and associated drilling equipment /accessories, the most popular method of unloading is utilizing a forklift.

How long does it typically take to order from GTD?
GTD maintains the shortest delivery times of any manufacturer for its rigs. This means that GTD can ship the most popular and best-selling model configurations to your dealership faster than most manufacturers. Special order and custom equipment are also available. However, lead times for those products are usually longer than regular in-stock models.


What type of margins can a GTD dealer expect?
Rigs manufactured by GTD are packed with more standard features than most on the market today. Since GTD manufactures such a large amount of rigs every year, our buying-power is top in the industry. These factors combine to give GTD the BEST RIGS at the BEST PRICE. That means profitability can be maximized at the dealer level. Margin expectations for dealers can vary depending on the local market and the competitive atmosphere of the marketplace.

Does GTD build other types of rigs and are they available to me as a dealer?
GTD Group has many types of rigs but it specialises in geothermal rigs and specifically the GT Series.


Can GTD help me with marketing?
GTD offers its dealers more marketing support than any other in the industry. As a GTD dealer, you will have access to many marketing services ranging from custom print ads to a fully integrated digital marketing strategy.

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Thanks, a GTD representative will be in touch soon!

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